Response to a Response, or Why I Believe the Teaching of “The Full Rights of Sons” Still Fails to Comport with the Teaching of Scripture

In late 2014 I began a dialogue with Kathryn Stegall who was, at that time, a member of a RPCNA (Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America) congregation. The reason for this dialogue was that I was concerned that her Facebook posts contradicted the RPCNA’s biblical teaching on the role of women in the church (especially in the context of church leadership). After some back and forth, she encouraged me to purchase and read her book “The Full Rights of Sons”  to fully understand her position. She graciously sent me a copy and I read it. I took copious notes and sent her my reply in 2015. My pastor, at the time, published my reply on his church’s website, and we also dealt with the book on his podcast. We also interviewed her together in 2017, as you can listen to here.

Recently, in July 2019, Mrs. Stegall published a reply (which you can find here) to some points in my original review (which you can find here). So, if you are still following the chronology, the following link will take you to my response to her response:

“Response to a Response”

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