Preaching (Psalms Similar to the Element of)

Comparison of Selected Worship Elements that Consist of Words[1]

Attributes Prayer Praise in Song Preaching & Teaching
Stable[2] form required to participate No Yes No
God-breathed prophetic words No Yes[3] No
Collection or writings provided by God No Yes No
Instruction to compose Yes[4] No Yes[5]
Examples that show how to compose Yes[6] Yes Yes[7]
Promise of God’s help composing Yes[8] No Yes[9]

 “reading the Scripture is not the same exercise of worship as singing, and neither is preaching the same as singing, or reading the Scripture. The same kind of distinction applies to the exercises of praying and singing even when the content is identical. The Lord’s Supper is an act of thanksgiving as well as one of commemoration and communion. But though the partaking of the bread and the wine includes thanksgiving, just as prayer and singing do, yet the celebration of the Lord’s Supper is an act of worship distinct from both prayer and singing, and the divine prescriptions respecting the celebration of the Lord’s Supper cannot be determined by the divine prescriptions regarding prayer or singing but must rather be derived from the revelation God has given respecting the observance of that distinct element of the worship of God.” [10]

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2For example, as a published text, or memorized.
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